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Pazazz Performers

Pre-professional company in residence at SLAD

The Pazazz Performing Company is the award winning, pre-professional company in residence at St. Louis Academy of Dance. Pazazz Performers can be seen dancing at community and civic events all over the St. Louis Area. With Kacy Voskuil and Emily Edwards at the helm, the company is most notably known for their production of the annual concert, a fundraising event that brings the power of the arts to the St. Louis community. Pazazz Performers is an incredible program for young and aspiring dancers working toward the same goals.

  • Provide an avenue for students within St. Louis Academy of Dance to take their dance training to the next level, beyond weekly class instruction. Increase their training hours through required classes, develop a solid repertoire with bi-weekly rehearsals, and refine their performance skills by performing at multiple venues throughout the dance season.
  • To train student dancers for success upon graduation to bridge them into a college program of their choice or audition for the professional world
  • Coach dancers through the application, audition, and acceptance of higher education programs.
  • Provide opportunities to give back and bring dance performance and entertainment to the community
  • Focus on growing the whole person, not only honing on technical strengths and ability, but also fostering a dancer's character, self-esteem, accountability, passion, and drive.
  • Develop teamwork, comradery and reliability through the big buddy + little buddy program and team building activities and outings.
  • Create a family focused atmosphere, with parent involvement and leadership opportunities.
  • Attend competition, creating the exposure of presentation, adjudication, and feedback of the company's work. Then using the experience to further enhance, grow, and develop their artistry.
  • Travel to New York City with Senior dancers the spring of their senior year to attend Broadway shows, classes at world famous studios, and workshops with professional instructors.
  • Contract professional guest choreographers and master teachers to set pieces on and train the company - which broadens their scope of movement vocabulary, builds networking skills, and diversifies their repertoire of work.
  • Produce a professional dance concert, dancing alongside professional guest companies, to not only showcase their work but to raise funding for the local dance therapy programs in St. Louis.

    The spirit and drive of our Pazazz dance community, the strength of our bond as a company, and the bar of dance excellence setting higher and higher every year, has created an incredibly unique and powerful program for our dancers.